Looking to buy or rent containers?

We provide nationwide space solutions.

Looking to buy or rent containers?

We provide nationwide space solutions.

Looking to buy or rent containers?

We provide nationwide space solutions.

Looking to buy or rent containers?

We provide nationwide space solutions.

Contain Yourself

Anti-Vandal Units We offer a range of Limerick anti-vandal units including on-site offices, on-site canteens, general storage containers and more for companies in all industries.

Anti-Vandal Units

  • Offices

  • Canteens

  • Toilet blocks

  • Drying rooms

  • Meeting rooms

conversions From small offices to off-site retail spaces, shipping container conversions are a durable and low-cost option for increasing space. We provide bespoke conversions for all applications.


  • Cafes

  • Retail spaces

  • Gyms

  • Salons

  • Office spaces

  • Studios

  • Container homes

Storage Containers Contain Yourself stocks a large selection of Limerick storage containers for sale and to rent, helping you safely store and transport heavy, delicate, and bulky goods.

Storage Containers

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Transport/Shipping

  • Steel storage space conversion

Contain Yourself

At Contain Yourself, we provide innovative space solutions for a diverse range of customers in Ireland. We are a team of experienced professionals from the construction and infrastructure industry, and we have a strong commitment to service excellence. Whether you are looking for a secure office for your company, a place to securely store your goods, or even a custom-designed conversion for your new business, the Contain Yourself team are here to help.

We supply an extensive range of new and used shipping containers and anti-vandal units that are available for both lease and purchase. In addition, we also design and manufacture bespoke container conversions tailored to the needs of our clients.

All our products are made with robust, high-quality materials and are finished with reliable security fittings for your peace of mind. Moreover, we provide a nationwide delivery and installation service on all our finished units. To find out more information or to discuss your new space, then feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Get in touch with the team today for more information on our anti-vandal units, shipping container conversions and storage containers.

Why Choose Contain Yourself?

Years of Industry Experience
The team at Contain Yourself offers unparalleled industry experience. We have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do, offering top-quality service, advice, and recommendations on all products that we supply.

Versatile Space Solutions
Our temporary structures can be used for a number of purposes including site toilets, toilets for events, site canteen units, storage containers, studio spaces, and more, with full installation services available.

site structure

Site Structure Options for Home & Commercial Use
The versatility of our storage containers and converted units means that they can be used for domestic and commercial use, with purposes ranging from site toilets and site canteen units to converted studios, offices, and leisure spaces.

For more on our full range of Limerick anti-vandal units, storage containers, and bespoke storage containers, get in touch today.

Contain Yourself FAQ

  • Where can I find storage containers near me to rent?

    Contain Yourself provides Limerick storage containers suitable for use as anti-vandal units, conversions, and steel storage containers for commercial and domestic customers.

  • How much does it cost to get a storage container converted?

    The price of converting a steel storage container varies depending on the type of conversion you require. Contain Yourself offers full storage container conversions and can give quotes over the phone.

  • Can I buy a storage container off you?

    Yes, absolutely. We sell a range of storage containers suitable for use in homes and businesses for storage or as a spare room/space.