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Contact us today to discuss your storage container, site office or site toilet requirements.

Contain Yourself

Contain Yourself supply an extensive range of high-quality portable cabins to customers throughout Ireland, delivering an industry-leading service. Our portable cabins can be used for a variety of purposes, with a range of sizes available and specifications to suit almost all requirements. All of our portable buildings have been constructed to the highest industry standards and are subject to our own stringent quality tests before we make them available for purchase. At Contain Yourself we work with a diverse range of clients, satisfying a variety of requirements, whether it's for storage, office units, site toilet, etc. We always consult with our clients to ensure we are able to deliver on all expectations when providing our portable cabins.

Site Office Units

Site toilets


Drying Rooms

Meeting Rooms

40ft Storage Containers

Our Container Units for Sale and Rent Include:

If you need a portable cabin but are unsure which type is best suited to your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. As a nationwide supplier, we have extensive experience in supplying portable cabins which have been designed to meet exact client specifications. We will listen closely to your requirements and take into account variable such as timeframe, budget, etc. in order to provide a portable cabin that is fit for its intended use. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm, contact us by phone or via email to learn more about our quality portable cabins.

drying rooms

Drying Rooms

Our container units for sale and rent include

We provide a range of on-site drying rooms for sale and rent which are suitable for all types of workplaces, educational facilities, and sports grounds. Our drying rooms are warm, ventilated and weather-proof to act as comfortable changing facilities for all occasions.


Shipping Container Conversions

Our container units for sale and rent include

Whether you’re looking for a cheap retail space, want a quirky tiny home, or simply want a studio in your garden without the massive price tag, our shipping container conversions are perfect. We customise, decorate, and design shipping container conversions to suit your taste, style and budget.

site ofices

Site Offices & Canteens

Our container units for sale and rent include

Whether you work in construction, have an off-site office or simply need a temporary work space, contact Contain Yourself for information on our range of site offices and canteens for sale and rent. Our offices and canteens are weather-proof, insulated, warm, and comfortable to ensure employee comfort throughout the work day, no matter what the weather.

site toilests

Site Toilets

Our container units for sale and rent include

Contain Yourself offers a variety of site toilets for sale and rent that are suitable for workplaces, events, and festivals. Our site toilets come fully equipped with hand-washing facilities and can be connected to mains sewage or independent sewage to remain hygienic no matter what the event. We also offer a range of showering facilities and single and multi-cubicle festival and event toilets.


Storage Containers

Our container units for sale and rent include

Contain Yourself provides storage containers for sale and rent for storage, shipping, and storage container conversion. Our storage containers are perfect for storing and shipping large and bulky goods, ensuring that they are kept safe, secure, and protected during transit or storage. If you’re looking for storage containers for sale or rent, why not contact us now?

Why Choose Contain Yourself for Your Temporary Structure?

years experience

Years of Industry Experience
The team at Contain Yourself offers unparalleled industry experience. We have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do, offering top-quality service, advice, and recommendations on all products that we supply.

space solution

Versatile Space Solutions
Our temporary structures can be used for a number of purposes including site toilets, toilets for events, site canteen units, storage containers, studio spaces, and more, with full installation services available.

site structure

Site Structure Options for Home & Commercial Use
The versatility of our storage containers and converted units means that they can be used for domestic and commercial use, with purposes ranging from site toilets and site canteen units to converted studios, offices, and leisure spaces.

Get in touch with the team today for more information on our Limerick canteen units, Limerick site office units, Limerick toilets for events and sites, and more.

Contain Yourself FAQ

Where can I find shipping containers and on-site offices to rent near me?

Contain Yourself offers a range of shipping containers, on-site offices, on-site canteens, site toilets, toilets for events, and more to customers in Limerick and the surrounding areas.

Can I rent temporary on-site offices in Limerick?

Yes. The team at Contain Yourself offers on-site offices, on-site canteens, and on-site toilets to customers for sale and rent on commercial work premises.

Can I convert a shipping container into a home or retail space?

Yes, absolutely! Contain Yourself offers shipping container conversion services to turn your shipping container into the home, office, studio, salon, or store of your dreams.

Need a portable cabin? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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