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Advantages of Shipping Container Offices

In the past few years, home working has switched from the exception to the rule. A huge percentage of the workforce continue to work from home. Everywhere from kitchens, to bedrooms to sitting rooms have been converted into home offices. While working from home certainly has its advantages, no commute, saving money on going out to lunch, etc. there still is one major disadvantage.

Most of us have limited interior space, and can’t dedicate a full room to our home office. Therefore, a room is usually pulling double duty. It’s at once an office and a kitchen, an office and a bedroom, etc. This clearly isn’t an ideal situation. In fact, the best possible solution would be to have a unique space to act as a home office. And when you don’t have an extra room customising a steel shipping container into an office can be a modern and convenient solution.



Shipping Container Offices are an increasingly popular choice for home offices. Steel containers are roomy, but still small enough to fit in most back gardens. What’s more, they can be fully customised to your exact needs. That’s where our customisation experts come in. We can talk you through the specifics of the customisation and add any additions, special features, glazing features, fixtures or fittings you require.



The advantages of shipping container offices include:

- Customised shipping containers are cheaper than other building methods

- Shipping containers are kinder to the environment and more sustainable

- They can be built quickly

- They are modern and extremely stylish

- They are safe, secure and can be locked at night

- In most cases, shipping containers are exempt from planning permissions


To begin the conversion process, please contact our offices today. Our conversion experts can talk you through the specifics of your build. We can also discuss the conversion timeline and offer a quote. So please call at a time that suits your schedule.

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