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Shipping Container Offices

Contain Yourself offers clients all over Ireland the highest standard of shipping container offices. Our suite of services includes converting all types of containers to the exact requirements of your home office.
As standard, our shipping container offices are fixed with:

- Plumbing Systems
As standard, our shipping containers come complete with plumbing. This includes water pipes and PVC sewer pipes.

- Windows and Doors
We can add triple-glazed windows in our container offices. Window frames are made from class A PCV. On request, we can include anti-solar glazing or tempered burglar resistance.

- Thermal Insulation
For your comfort, walls and ceilings are sprayed with closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation. This insulation type keeps the converted container warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Electrical Installations
We fully install electrical systems within the container.

- Container Construction and Modification
We handle every aspect of the container construction and complete the full modification according to the client's needs.

Please get in touch with our offices today to discuss our full range of Shipping Container Office conversions.

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